This is a very important part of borehole testing, in order to determine where the water strikes are in a borehole.

In conjunction with camera logging, the active fractures in a borehole can be logged very accurately.

A complete profile is determined of the temperature, EC, pH and depth throughout the whole watercolumn  in the borehole.

Falling Head Test

This test is normally done on pollution monitoring wells.  This special test determines the transitivity values of a specific area. These wells are normaly dry or contains very little water.

Slug Test

This test is normally done where it needs to be determined which is the strongest  of a number of  boreholes .

Tracer Test

This test is done in conjunction with a point Dilution to determine the strongest fracture in a borehole.

Borehole Rehabilitation

Normally this test is done where a borehole’s delivery rate is reduced by infestation of iron oxide, etc.

The borehole is then treated with chemicals and then brushed after treatment with chemicals.   After treatment the borehole is pumped until clean.  This method comes highly recommended.

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