GROUNDWATER SOLUTIONS CC utilizes AB PUMPS to effectively increase our service to the industry and to enable the acquisition of quality data and results.

AB PUMPS specialises in the professional execution of scientific testing of boreholes to ensure maximum utilization of groundwater resources in Southern Africa. Our reputation is founded on the experience and expertise of outstanding qualified personnel and a track record of excellence, efficiency and innovation in groundwater solutions.

Our services include:

  1. Scientific yield test pumping, slug testing, calibration, stepped discharge, constant discharge and water level recovery testing of boreholes.
  2. Repairs and maintenance of all existing equipment.
  3. Installation and supply of new pump equipment.
  4. Borehole casing detection.
  5. Supply of casing detectors and water level meters.
  6. Professional recommendations for maximum utilization of groundwater resources.
  7. Comprehensive evaluation of existing boreholes.
  8. Collection of water samples.
  9. Support to the agricultural sector on various aspects of groundwater utilization and selection of pump installation for irrigation purposes.
  10. Monitoring and specialised sampling and testing of boreholes for pollution control projects.
  11. Dewatering Projects.
  12. Borehole camera logging.
  13. Rehabilitation of boreholes with rehabilitation unit.

Previous experience by our team includes Project Management and execution of projects for the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry, various geohydrological and engineering consultants and Group Five Civils.  Our experience and expertise is based on the test pumping of more than 1000 boreholes over a period of three years as well as relevant qualifications in earth sciences. As such we are able to deliver a contracting service well suited to serving the needs of our professional clients.

AB Pumps is committed to helping its employees to attain independence through development programmes

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